Letter of complaint to employer unfair treatment

Complaint Letters for Unfair Treatment

This guide will first go through different types of unfair treatment in the workplace and what you can do to address them, and will then go into detail about what to do when the perpetrator is a colleague versus when they are management. Types of Unfair Workplace Treatment:. Some common examples of workplace bullying include spreading malicious rumors, excluding someone from work-related social activities, and undermining them constantly. A good first step is to approach a line manager or human resources representative, as they can potentially intervene. You should also make notes on the specifics of the unfair treatment, as these can be referenced later if the issue requires an employment tribunal or workplace mediation. If a co-worker is persistent and annoying, you may first want to address them in person and explain why their behavior makes you feel uncomfortable. If they persist, then you should talk to an HR representative. However, sometimes a line is crossed and the treatment becomes sexual harassment. Workplace sexual harassment is legally defined as either quid pro quo or hostile work environment. The former refers to when a boss or manager threatens to withhold promotion unless an employee performs sexual favors or promises promotion in return for sexual favors. A hostile work environment can occur from either physical abuse, such as groping, or verbal abuse, such as unwanted sexual advances or making offensive sexual jokes. Your employer or manager can participate in unfair workplace treatment in a variety of ways. The types of bullying or harassment discussed above can be committed by a manager or employer as well as co-workers, but because they are in a position of power, your manager or employer may also treat you unfairly by denying you a promotion you earned, offering you little or no desirable projects, or firing you without reason. While this kind of treatment from management can and should still be addressed, the process can be slightly different than for dealing with a colleague. If the offender is a co-worker, first meet with them privately if you feel comfortable doing so. If you feel uncomfortable, or if they continue the unwanted behavior, contact a supervisor or HR representative. If you think that the reason for the treatment is discriminatory and based on your race, gender, sexuality or religious beliefs, a good step can be to file a formal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC specializes in these types of cases, and they will both investigate your claim and also work with management to resolve the issue s. In some cases, the best first step is to talk to your employer and see if the situation can be resolved. However, often you will feel intimidated because of the position of power your employer or manager holds. A good step in this case is to file a complaint with your HR department, as they can address the issue even when the perpetrator is the employer. If your claim is based on illegal discrimination or harassment, your company will be required to investigate and assure fair treatment in the future. In addition, it is also important to know that you cannot be adversely affected for filing a complaint, as employer retaliation based on a complaint being filed is illegal. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Skip to content.

Complaint Letter to the Boss

I am writing this letter to lodge a formal complaint against my boss, Mr. Richard Smith. I feel that I have been given unfair treatment because of my gender. Although Mr. Smith has been nothing but nice to me, I feel that he passes me up for important tasks and always gives out more important duties to the men on my team. However, once I felt I had proved myself to Mr. Smith, I expected him to consider me for the same types of jobs as the rest of the team. I asked Mr. Smith if there were anything that I could improve upon, but he said no, that my work was perfect. I always receive some of the highest employee evaluation marks in my department, but I still seem to be passed over for a number of key projects. I thought it was maybe all in my head until some other employees began to notice it. Smith directly, so I would like to request that a mediator from HR intervene. I feel like a neutral party would be able to look at my performance reviews and employee history and be able to resolve this problem. Download as Adobe PDF. Download as MS Word. Download as Text File. Open in Office Online. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account. Sample Unfair Treatment Letter of Complaint. Thank you, Sarah Kim. Was any part of this sample helpful to you? Yes No. Follow Us.

How to Write a Letter Complaining About an Unfair Workplace

The letter of complaint to the employer regarding his unfair treatment is a letter written by an employee, who has experienced any type of unfair treatment while working in an organization. This letter is addressed to the employer of an organization and the issues and incidences are highlighted to him. In addition to informing him, a complaint is launched by the employee against the unjust treatment he has gone through. The unfairness of the employer may be real or maybe a perception of an employee. In both cases, it needs to be sorted out, as it directly affects the employee and indirectly affects the company. Writing a letter about how the employee felt and how he had to suffer due to the unjust treatment is a good and formal way to communicate and complain to the employer. If an employee is not satisfied, he cannot show higher productivity and performance, which impacts the employer and the organization. When an employee writes this letter, he can make it short or comprehensive, and add details based on the extent of his disappointment. The general details, however, that are included in a letter of complaint to the employer regarding his unfair treatment are:. Based on my performance and evaluation, I was expected to be promoted this year, i. Even, this promotion had been communicated to me orally by my managers as well. However, when the promotions were announced, my other colleague got promoted as an assistant manager, while I still have the same position. I deem it unfair as after all the hard work, dedication and performance, I did not earn anything, not even a raise in my salary. I am very disappointed, and I want to make a complaint to you about adopting unfair practices. I hope you will look into this and make a fair judgment for me as well. Even if you think that I did not deserve the promotion, please provide me the proper reasoning and evidence, as, unofficially, my managers had already informed me about my good performance and promotion. Letters January 10, January 10, Kate. Back Pay Letter to Employer. Warning Letter for being Non-responsive.

Letter of Complaint to Employer Unfair Treatment

I am writing this to complain about Mr. Yesterday he called me into his office and handed over me the file to start work on the new project: The Inbuild Constructors. I have a concern over this allocation of the project. Currently, I am working on the project: The Infielders. The project was assigned to me by Mr. Shafquet five days before. I cannot work on multiple projects at the same time. The current project I am working on is very important and technical. In terms of time allocation, I have two weeks to complete this project. On the other hand, I can see few colleagues of my rank who have minor responsibility and can start work on the new project. I would like you to investigate the matter and the unfair treatment against me to ease my job. I am writing this letter to lodge a complaint against my current supervisor Mr. From the day he has been designated as our new in charge, I have become a victim of continuous unfair treatment by him with respect to work tasks assigned. At first, I took it as normal but with the passage of time, I realized that he did not like women. Unfortunately, I am the only women working in our team of men. I have been working with the company for the past 5 years and have always worked for the betterment of the company. I still believe in working with full enthusiasm, but the current circumstance forbids me to do so. I request you to please forward my complaint to the relevant body so that I may be able to work in a better environment as earlier. Hope to hear from you soon. I am writing you this letter to make a complaint against the new entrant in the company Mr. I am aware that he is short tempered and many times I have ignored this behavior of him. Recently, at the board meeting, he crossed his limits. He not only yelled repeatedly at me but also suppressed my voice by speaking in a loud tone. His attitude not only upsets my working routine but also of others working around.

Sample Unfair Treatment Letter of Complaint

Unfair treatment of any form at a workplace is something you should never tolerate. Every employee or working person has his own rights and if you are feeling being unfairly treated, then raise a voice against it. Writing a complaint letter to the higher authorities is one of the most convenient ways of dealing with this situation. No company has the right to treat their employees unfairly. Here we have shared information on how to write a letter of complaint to employer unfair treatment. Refer to the sample letters and examples below to see how an impactful complaint letter is written. I, Logan Dawson, the junior marketing manager at Kollinwood Fresh Juice, am writing this letter to make a formal complaint regarding the job promotions which are granted recently to the less deserving candidates in the company. Sir, I have been working hard in this company for over three years now. Candidates with less work experience are getting promoted and this is highly unfair behavior. I have given everything to this company and working dedicatedly for the past three years. I would request you to please look into this matter. I am not the only employee who feels this way, they are other employees as well who are not happy with the decision. I am writing this letter to file a formal complaint against my team leader Mr. Karry Richard. I feel that I have been treated unfairly because of my gender. The behavior of Mr. Richard is nice and respectful, but I feel that he never gave me an opportunity to work on big projects. I have been working in this company for over two years now. The employees who are three or six months old are getting more projects to work on. Recently, I asked Mr. Richard if there is something I need to improve. I have been an employee of the month several times. I request you to please look into this matter. Please go through my performance reviews to see whether I deserve to be a part of big projects or not. Keep checking this site for more such useful letter samples in downloadable and editable format. Leave a comment below if you have any feedback or suggestions to make. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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